Fliehkraftrollen Polini Yamaha T-MAX 500, 530

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These compression clutch spring kits are specific for Yamahas T-Max scooter. They are available in two different thrusts easy to recognize thanks to their color: silver-zinc plated and yellow-zinc plated. It is a kit that has been studied to improve and optimize the performance of the clutch engagement and improve the rpm during the coupling. The clutch springs are made of steel with added carbon.
1) The three rollers together with the Polini clutch spring and added to the 12 original ones grant a minor clutch slipping time increasing at the same time the clutch engagement according to the spring hardness.
2) The three rollers that replace the original ones increase the skidding time of the original clutch.
Passende Modelle
Hersteller Polini
passend für Yamaha - T-Max 500 01-03 SJ01
Yamaha - T-Max 500i 04-06 SJ031
Yamaha - T-Max 500i 07 SJ051
Yamaha - T-Max 500i 08-11 SJ061
Yamaha - T-Max 500i ABS 05-06 SJ034
Yamaha - T-Max 500i ABS 07 SJ052
Yamaha - T-Max 500i ABS 08-11 SJ064
Yamaha - T-Max 500i Black Max 06 SJ031
Yamaha - T-Max 500i Black Max 07 SJ051
Yamaha - T-Max 500i White Max 10- SJ06
Yamaha - T-Max 530i 12-14 SJ091
Yamaha - T-Max 530i 15- SJ098
Yamaha - T-Max 530i ABS 12-14 SJ092
Yamaha - T-Max 530i ABS 15- SJ099
Yamaha - T-Max 530i Black Max 13- SJ09
Yamaha - T-Max 530i Bronze Max 14- SJ09
Yamaha - T-Max 530i Iron Max 15- SJ09
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